alan partridge

TV Review: Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle, Sky Atlantic

It’s always good to see Steve Coogan slip back into the Alan Partridge saddle. The character is so well-formed he works in anything from long-form movies to quick-hit online shorts. This time round we saw him in something between the two, fronting a documentary in which he headed north seeking career redemption having called a teenage guest on his radio show a chav and a sheep shagger.


News: Alan Partridge Goes Vinyl To Support Record Store Day

Alan Partridge is to make his debut on vinyl. He will be immortalised on a picture disc, released by Demon Records especially for Record Store Day 2016.

TV Review: Alan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters, Sky Atlantic

I was a little disappointed at first when I watched Alan Partridge's new series on Sky Atlantic, but for a while I couldn't work out why. Everything seemed to be in place, from the foot-in-mouth soundbites to Sidekick Simon to the terrible midde-aged clothes to the feeble attempts to appear down with the North Norfolk Digital kids.


Opinion: Steve Coogan – A Little Local Difficulty

I saw the brilliant new Alan Partridge movie last night. Sorry, I mean I saw the OK new Steve Coogan film The Look of Love. It's an easy mistake to make though. The Look of Love is another example of Steve Coogan playing a character who is eerily like the iconic Norwich DJ.


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