News: Alan Partridge Flies Back To His BBC Nest

alan partridge

Alan Partridge is finally returning to the BBC. It's now officially happening early this year. A select band of journalists has been invited to an exclusive screening of his new series, 'This Time with Alan Partridge',  by Partridge himself. Beyond The Joke is among those chosen to attend, having received the following missive.


Dear Bruce Dessau

I'm Alan Partridge and I am delighted, or at least content, to invite you to a special preview screening of my (and BBC One's) upcoming magazine show 'This Time with Alan Partridge' (my emphasis).

The show marks my return to BBC Television after two decades in various doldrums (depression, radio, Sky Atlantic) and you've been carefully selected because you're either a journalist with a pleasant disposition or a friend or representative of an institution with whom I currently hold no specific grudge.

Limited refreshments will be provided.  I think it works out at about two drinks a head, although around a third of you won't drink so some of you can have four.  Food-wise, expect light snacks; those of you with a large appetite or poor impulse control should probably eat before you get there.

Toilet facilities are also on hand, catering for the full spectrum of gender and disability - but again, if you have more bespoke needs, try to go before you arrive.

Dress code: Just show a bit of respect really.

Have some manners and RSVP.


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