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News: Adam Kay, Robert Webb, Russell Brand Up For Book Awards

Adam Kay's account of his time as a hospital doctor has been nominated in the Best Non-Fiction: Narrative category in the British Book Awards shortlist.

This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor has already been a best seller and is due to be published in paperback in April.

Elsewhere How To Be A Boy by Robert Webb is nominated in the audiobook category. And Russell Brand's Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions is shortlisted in the Non-Fiction: Lifestyle category.


News: Second Book Deal for Adam Kay

Adam Kay, author of This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor, has signed a major deal with Picador for a follow-up.

100 Patients Who Changed My Life will be published in autumn 2019 as a "superlead" Picador non-fiction title.


Book Review: This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor, Adam Kay

What’s that saying about “keep a diary and one day it will keep you”? When comedian Adam Kay was a junior doctor he used to write down his thoughts at the end of some very long days. Following a successful stage show weaving some of the most memorable entries together he has now turned those recollections into a book which should be required reading for anyone who thinks doctors don’t deserve ever penny they earn.


News: New Adam Kay Book Optioned For TV

Doctor-turned-comedian Adam Kay's first book has been optioned for television.

This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor is published this week by Picador and collects together Kay's diaries from when he was training in various hospitals. It lays bare the horror – both comic and tragic – of working for the NHS.

The memoir has been optioned by Jane Featherstone’s indie Sister Pictures. 


Live Review: Adam Kay, Cottiers, Glasgow Comedy Festival

Adam Kay used to be a full-time doctor but these days he doesn’t have to worry about saving people’s lives, he just has to worry about getting bad reviews. Not that he is going to get any for his current show, which he premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer and revived for a Glasgow Comedy Festival one-off this week.


News: Book Deal For Adam Kay

Junior doctor turned comedian Adam Kay has signed a deal with Picador, who will publish the autobiographical Your Life In My Hands.


Rarely Asked Questions – Adam Kay

Former doctor Adam Kay will be performing Fingering A Minor on the Piano at the Soho Theatre from April 3 - 15. He will be playing comic songs and revealing the funny side of his medical career but, Jeremy Hunt take note, he will also be revealing a more serious side to his previous career as well.

Tickets here.

Picture by Idil Sukan.





Opinion: Comedian Adam Kay On The Genius of Tom Lehrer

Editor's note: When Adam Kay performs he usually does smutty songs he has written himself, but later this month – details below – he is doing a show celebrating the work of Tom Lehrer. Beyond The Joke invited Kay to shed a little more light on Mr Lehrer.


TV Review: Crims, BBC3

Well, this new sitcom certainly cuts to the chase. Luke (Elis James) has barely uttered a sentence while sitting in his car when his mate Jason (Kadiff Kirwan) jumps in and informs Luke that he is his getaway driver just as a posse of police cars pulls up and blocks their exit. Before you can say “how do you plead?” Luke is walking into the ill-named Sunnybank View Young Offender Institute and asking guard Dawn (Cariad Lloyd) if he is going to be bummed.

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