TV: Ben Phillips Blows Up, Comedy Central

Pranking went on long before the internet and even TV were invented, but now in the post-Jackass world it has moved on to new levels. And Comedy Central in the UK is currently after a piece of the action.

The channel has just announced a series from YouTube star Josh Pieters and on Saturday, June 24 prankster extraordinaire Ben Phillips makes an explosive start to his TV career with Ben Phillips Blows Up, in which our hero decides to take the idea of a housewarming to a whole new level by destroying the caravan of his mate Poor Elliot. 

But has he gone too far? Will Elliot survive? Will we ever understand the irrepressible Nana and Grandad? And will Farmer Chris get back together with his on-off girlfriend, Clara, the barmaid at the local pub who gets tangled in Ben and Elliot’s weird web of pranking intrigue…

Ben Phillips Blows Up, Comedy Central, Saturday June 24, 11pm.

Watch a trailer below.

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