News: YouTube star Josh Pieters Get Comedy Central UK Series

Comedy Central UK has launched a brand new original short-form series fronted by YouTube star Josh Pieters entitled Josh Investigates.

Josh Investigates debuted with six 90-second episodes on Comedy Central UK’s Snapchat Discover weekly from Saturday 17th June and six four-minute episodes on YouTube weekly from Thursday 22nd June.

The series sees Josh investigate the most pressing issues of the day and some of life’s biggest questions. From ‘fake news’ to ‘climate change’ to the meaning of life itself, Josh hits the streets to ask some seriously awkward and hilarious questions to the bemused general public in a quest to find out the truth once and for all.

Ex-pro cricketer Pieters may be new to the YouTube world but has taken the internet by storm. From filming pranks to daring skydiving and horse riding adventures, there’s nothing this South African 23 year old won’t try.

The first two episodes of Josh Investigates are now available to watch on YouTube. Josh Investigates is the third Comedy Central UK short-form series to launch this year, following the hugely successful Bad Snappers and Tom Rosenthal’s Absolutely Fine which are available to watch across Facebook and YouTube now. 

Watch a clip of Josh Pieters here.

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