TV: Peter Kay's Car Share, Episode Three, BBC1/iPlayer

It’s not often that Peter Kay is upstaged. Even rarer that he is upstaged by a monkey, but that’s the best bit by far in the third of only four episodes in this current series. It would be unfair to go into much detail for old school BBC1-only viewers who haven’t seen the episode on iPlayer yet but needless to say, the old actor-y warning of never working with animals is spot on here.

The incident occurs after Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) has decided to throw a sickie and join John (Kay) on a business trip to glamorous Wigan where he has to drop off some paperwork. After John has done the business and had a full English with Ian “Litchy” Litchfield (shades of Finchy in The Office) he and Kayleigh have the chance to go on a mini-road trip and spend some quality time together.

Anyone expecting romance to blossom might have to wait a little longer though. Despite the fact that colleagues and friends seem to be referring to them as a couple there is not much sign of any passion between them. Plenty of fun and plenty of chemistry, but animal lust is left to the inhabitants at the safari park they decide to visit. “It’s like some shit comedy,” says Kay with a blatant twinkle in his eye as a monkey steals scene after scene from under his very nose. 

It feels as if things are being set up for a big finish next week. And, of course, if you can’t wait until the BBC1 broadcasts the last episode you can always catch the finale on iPlayer immediately. Oh, and it's a good soundtrack this week – I’m not a big fan of Forever FM but they might win me over if they play more tracks like Lloyd Cole and the Commotions’ Lost Weekend.

Tuesdays, BBC1, 9pm. Episode Three airs on April 25. All four episodes are now available on iPlayer here.

Review of Episode One Here.

Review of Episode Two Here.

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