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Major spoiler alert. At the start of the second series of Car Share John (Peter Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) aren’t even sharing a car. Who says Peter Kay is a comedian who prefers to play safe rather than shake things up?

But having said that, they are still together from the very start, connected by phone. Promotions assistant Kayleigh is living with her sister and chatting to assistant manager John while she walks to the bus stop and he drives. There is definitely some unspoken affection between them. Kayleigh has given John a CD, Now 48, not that he is going to admit that he is already listening to it and smiling that little cat-bum smile. 

So apart from the fact that they aren’t in the car together the second series - only four episodes this time – picks up where the first left off, with some lovely interplay between the two down-to-earth characters. Oh, and monster trucks and cowboy hats.

If you are looking for romance to blossom you will have to wait a little longer. The main plot in the first episode is John getting involved in a low-level road rage incident with a cyclist which is filmed and goes moderately viral. Elsewhere Kayleigh is unhappy living at her sister’s. Could another move be on the cards?

There are plenty of nice gags, both verbal and visual, as the story ticks along. Is there really a Shaun Ryder Rehab Centre? And as with many things Kay does there is lots of MOR pop, courtesy of Kayleigh’s CD and radio station Forever FM. The songs might be naff but the lyrics are all part of the narrative, commentating on their friendship and the things that are unsaid. If you can cope with a cheese-heavy soundtrack that takes in S Club 7, Gwen Stefani and Wet Wet Wet elbowing* their way into the action you will be hooked for the next four episodes.

Tuesdays from April 11, BBC1, 9pm. All four episodes are now available on iPlayer here.

*yes, that was Guy Garvey.

Review of Episode Two here.

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