News: New Solo Gig From Julian Barratt

Mighty Boosh

Following recent rumours of a Mighty Boosh tour which were promptly denied by the duo's management, Julian Barratt is definitely doing a live gig in his own right. Barratt will be appearing at the Soho Theatre on January 27 in the guise of "Guru of Relaxation Jon Breeze" who will be presenting his latest workshop ‘Touch Your Now’, which, we are told, will be "a night of mood-buoyancy and dynamic bliss featuring some very special guests to be announced."

The announcement goes on to say "Enjoy One on one love-blasts. Take a gratitude plunge. Shake hands with your own heart. Smell the now."

According to the Soho Theatre's website, Breeze has plenty of glowing testimonials, as follows, including one from Trevor Nunn, though it does not say if that is Trevor Nunn the famous theatre director.

‘Jon Breeze will blow the worries out of your brain with his trademark ‘posi-blasts’ of healing calm.’ Mike Franks, Level 42 (original member)

‘In one 15 minute session, Jon Breeze filled me with a powerful inner surge of raw energy, I am now a successful jockey.’ Ryan Crease (a successful jockey)

‘Jon works with energy webs that are inside each of us, he pulls those webs out, then weaves them into a cocoon of calm.’ Trevor Nunn

‘Follow Jon’s lead and you you can have anything you want, whenever you want , forever, you will literally never die or be poor or ugly.’ Jolian Cork (teacher)

Ticket details here.

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