News: David Baddiel Adds New London Dates

David Baddiel

Following his acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe comeback last August, reviewed below, and two runs on the South Bank in London as well as a national tour, David Baddiel has now announced a four-week run of Fame: Not The Musical at the Menier Chocolate Factory from April 29 - May 23. Ticket details here

Major Edinburgh Fringe shows can often be disappointing, hoovering up ticket money that should go to needier newcomers. The annual hybrid of trade fair and creativity also known as the Edinburgh Fringe opened this weekend and it is a relief to report that David Baddiel’s first set since 1998, is insightful, illuminating and extremely funny.

Fame: Not the Musical addresses the prickly subject of celebrity. The greying comedian has been both a household face and someone a fan thought was half of “Skinner and Garibaldi”, so he is well-placed to explore stardom’s vicissitudes. He recalls with an embarrassed smile how when he and Ricky Gervais met Madonna she gushed over Gervais, then was offhand with him.

The meat of the thesis is the idea that fame confers an over-simplified personality on people that sticks. For Baddiel this is “shouty lad and arrogant Jew”. He does his best to shake it off here, happy to be the butt of namedropping anecdotes involving Russell Brand and Andrew Lloyd Webber before touchingly revealing himself as a soppy father.

As for that awkward encounter with Madonna, after she gave him the brush-off her sound engineer consoled him with “I like you.” Don’t fret, David. If you do more shows like this we will like you too.

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