News: Top Comedians Make Mockumentary To Save Bill Murray Pub

News: Top Comedians Make Mockumentary To Save Bill Murray Pub

‘Save The Bill Murray’ – a brand new mockumentary sitcom, starts on Friday 29th January. Filmed at The Bill Murray comedy club during lockdown, this inventive series follows the tale of a comedy club, and the comedians who live and work there, trying to survive when they can no longer put on live comedy.

Each 15 minute episode stars a headline act in their quest to save The Bill Murray. The stars featured in series one are James Acaster, Maria Bamford, Adam Buxton, Nina Conti, Jamali  Maddox, Arthur Smith and Tim Key. 

The series also features Angel Comedy regulars Sunil Patel, Helen Bauer, Mark Silcox, Lynn Ruth Millar, Lucila San Martin, James O’D, Ray Badran, Cally Beaton, Yuriko Kotani, John Meagher, Arielle Souma, Charlie George and Barry Ferns.

The seven 15 minute episodes, written and directed by Barry Ferns and Simon Weekes, will be available fortnightly exclusively to The Bill Murray’s Patreon members. The series is Angel Comedy’s way of saying “Thank you” for the for the continuing support that literally kept the club from bankruptcy in March 2020 and will keep it going in the uncertain times of closed doors and non-profit making socially distanced shows. Angel Comedy Patreon membership starts at just £3 a month.

Writer/co-director Barry Ferns said:  “These episodes were extraordinarily made with no budget, just hopes and belief – which is exactly how the comedy industry is getting through lockdown as a whole. Having crowd funded our very own venue, the team at The Bill Murray are no strangers to achieving the seemingly impossible and we have no intention of being taken down by something as trifling as a global pandemic. ‘Save the Bill Murray’ is our reaction to lockdown – a way for our artists to stay creative and generate some laughter and hope during our most difficult time

To watch the full series and save the Bill Murray become an Angel Comedy Patreon member here

Watch the trailer below




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