News: Twitter Suspends Ricky Gervais' Cat

News: Twitter Suspends Ricky Gervais' Cat

Following the suspension of Donald Trump's Twitter account the social media giant suspended the account of Pickle, the cat belonging to Ricky Gervais.

There was no specific explanation and when fans – the cat has over 40,000 followers – clicked on Pickle's twitter handle @PickliciousF they just got a message "Account Suspended: Twitter suspends accounts that violate Twitter rules"

No further reason was given but there was an immediate outpouring of sympathy for Pickle, who was adopted by Gervais and his partner Jane Fallon last year after their last cat, Ollie, died.

Campari suggested "She hates mice, what did you expect?"

Jennifer Jphnson wrote: "HOW in the WORLD is Twitter suspending the account of a CAT but allowed, and is continuing to allow, countless so-called people to have accounts and spew vile and malicious rhetoric?! It just does not make any sense. Is there anything we can do to help to get it back?"

"Its a CATastrophe" added John Thedon.

Fortunately after a few hours in social media quarantine Pickle was released and is free to tweet again.



Quiet news day.




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