Video: Joe Lycett's Video Directorial Debut

Is there no end to Joe Lycett's talents?

The stand-up, consumer champion and artist has now directed his first music video. As he explains in his latest newsletter: " I made my music video directorial debut this year to make a film for the certified banger ‘Uh-Huh’, a bop by the wonderful Litany, whom I listened to so much in lockdown it became unhealthy. It happened really organically - I messaged her to say I loved her music and discovered she was a fan of mine(!) - one thing led to another and now this video exists.

It stars some familiar faces and is just a bit of nonsense to distract you for a couple of mins. If you’ve not heard much Litany before you absolutely must - may I recommend starting with her track Bedroom and going from there. She is really one of my absolute faves."

Watch the video below.



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