News: New Uncanny Podcast Hosted By Robin Ince With Guests Including Stewart Lee, Reece Shearsmith

News: New Uncanny Podcast Hosted By Robin Ince With Guests Including Stewart Lee, Reece Shearsmith

The Cosmic Shambles Network is launching a brand new series of podcasts that will be available exclusively to the Network’s Patreon supporters. Without Patreon subscribers, the Shambles team would have been unable to create the masses of free content with which we have all been kept entertained and educated throughout the past few months of lockdown. To listen to the series, as well as get access to lots of other exclusive Cosmic Shambles content, listeners can sign up to the Patreon for as little as £5 a month.

Each of these sixty minute, wide-ranging and tangential conversations aims to unearth a broad range of ideas from the areas of counterculture and the weird and wonderful. It will delve into the scientific, the personal and the esoteric.  Hosted by Robin Ince, guests will include Joy Division and New Order’s Stephen Morris, comedian Stewart Lee, Professor Carolyne Larrington, Inside No.9’s Reece Shearsmith, actor Andy Nyman, comedy writer Sarah Morgan, legendary writer Alan Moore, journalist Jo Kendall, horror director Gary Sherman and many more.

The first episodes cover subjects such as the space rock group Hawkwind, the increasingly lauded visionary and political Play for Today, Penda’s Fen, the work of surrealist artist Dorothea Tanning, the history of supposed UFO sightings, David Cronenberg’s The Brood and the London Underground cannibal horror classic Death Line. The first episode will be released on Halloween and looks at the iconic 1945 horror portmanteau film Dead of Night.

Robin Ince says: "Somewhere between a conversation about Hawkwind and a story of alien artefacts unearthed in the desert, An Uncanny Hour was born, or rather, stitched together from the corpses of counterculture and maybe some culture too. Each fortnight the podcast focuses on one artist or one work and enthusiasts wax lyrical. The TV nostalgia shows focus on the primetime and the headlines, this will concentrate on things that too often are left the margins. Why were Hawkwind such important couriers of the counterculture in the 1970s? Is Death Line not only the best cannibal horror movie of all time, but also a hugely influential film that still far too few people have seen? Are UFOs the contemporary version of visitations by angels?"

Robin Ince has been the co-curator and host of some of the most acclaimed live science shows and tours in the UK including Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless/Curious People, Uncaged Monkeys, Brian and Robin’s Christmas Compendium of Reason and the hugely popular Space Shambles at the Royal Albert Hall, which he co-hosted with Astronaut Chris Hadfield. He has recently completed a record breaking international arena tour, Universal, with Professor Brian Cox.

Season 1: 6 Episodes

Dates: Available fortnightly from Saturday, 31st October 2020 


Exclusive to The Cosmic Shambles Network Patreon supporters ( 




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