News: Next Up's Crowdfunding Campaign Ends Tonight

News: Comedy Streaming Boss Awarded Women In Innovation Prize

Video platform for stand-up comedy specials NextUp has just one evening left of their crowdfunding campaign.

The streaming service dubbed the ‘Netflix of stand-up comedy’ are raising funding on Crowdcube which gives rewards and real shares to anybody in return for investments starting at £10.

Rewards include ‘lifetime membership’, ‘executive producer’ ‘private gig’ and ‘special advisor’ - some of which allow fans to have a real say in how the organisation is run and to select comedians to be part of the service.

CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Berg said; ‘Blimey - over 500 people have decided to buy real shares in NextUp - we’re gonna need a bigger boardroom (fun fact: we have no boardroom). Myself and the NextUp team are determined to keep amplifying great live comedy and supporting the industry. We’re thrilled that so many people have joined us on our mission - thank you, we won’t let you down.'

The funding campaign closes on Thursday at midnight. 

Other shareholders in NextUp include the former Head of Comedy at BBC Worldwide - Stuart Snaith, the former President of MGM - Bruce Tuchman, and comedians including Tiernan Douieb and James Acaster.

NextUp share all revenue 50/50 with comedians, offer free rehearsal space and also raised over £120k for comedians during COVID with their Heckle The Virus campaign.

Throughout lockdown, NextUp have also been live-streaming gigs over Zoom and also launched their own month-long virtual festival that ran throughout July.

Further information on NextUp’s campaign and how to support it can be found here.




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