Interview: Dara O'Briain On Mock The Week

TV Preview: Mock The Week Christmas Special

Mock the Week will return to BBC Two at 10pm on Thursday 22nd October 2020. 

The series will run until February 2nd 2021, with a short break in December between episodes airing on 10th December 2020 and January 14th 2021.

Below Dara O'Briain reveals his thoughts on the long-running comedy show.

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We know and love Mock the Week for its satirical swipes and topical one liners. What can we expect from the new series?

This will be Mock like you’ve never seen before; possibly in a perspex box, possibly behind a 14 metre long desk, the Government are changing this minute by minute!


How does it feel to be returning to Mock the Week during a global pandemic? Will there be an audience as usual?

There are times on Mock The Week where we complain that there hasn’t been enough news; I now want to apologise for that! 


It seems like the news agenda has never been more turbulent. How do you think this will impact the topics covered in the new series? 

To reflect the national mood, each show will begin with me screaming noiselessly into the camera for five minutes. 


When you return to Mock the Week after a break in filming, does it take you a while to get back into the swing of things or is it second nature, like riding a bike?

Usually it just feels like I haven’t been away but then usually I have been away, whereas now it’ll just be nice to get out of the house. Mock The Week; it’s just nice to get out of the house. That’s our new slogan!


What do you think it is that makes Mock the Week such a firm favourite with audiences after being on air for 15 years? 

Honestly, it’s nothing to do with left or right, the stuff people remember is the stupid stuff, that’s what makes this debate on political bias hilarious. What people remember is I look like the Megabus Man and other silliness. 


Do you ever watch reruns of Mock the Week - what is it like watching these episodes back? 

No why would I do that? I’ve lived it! 


Is there a particular Mock moment or joke that stands out for you from the last 15 years? 

We were talking about private housing* with Ed and we went through various different puns like Major Difficulty and General Disorder and I said ‘Colonel Abrams and myself and Ed’. The only two members on the panel who were old enough to know who Colonel Abrams was just died laughing for about five minutes. It all became about Trapped by Colonel Abrams, a song which no one else on the panel could remember but is a banging hit of the 1980s. And then, god love him, when Colonel Abrams passed away not long after, people got in touch to express their sympathy to me. Honestly there are times where you make yourselves laugh and it carries a lot of energy. 

*Dara O'Briain has pointed out on Twitter that this should probably say "private browsing" not "private housing". Maybe something was lost in transcription. See below.

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