Video: Famalam Criticised for Stereotyping

 Video: Famalam Crticised for Stereotyping

Watch the "Jamaican Countdown" trailer for the third series of BBC sketch comedy Famalam that has caused controversy on social media.

Huffington Post journalist Nadine White tweeted: "This "sketch" is insulting to the highest degree. It peddles tired stereotypes and is not funny in the slightest. Everyone involved should be deeply ashamed of themselves; I hope the cheque was worth it." Her tweet was retweeted over 300 times.

White continued: "I keep on shouting about the beauty of Jamaica and achievements of our people, mainly because this country invariably shits on us in spite of all that we do. From Windrush scandal - which disproportionately affected Jamaicans - to "entertainment" at our expense like above."

And Jamaican Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamina Johnson-Smith has tweeted: "This is outrageous and offensive to the incredible country which I am proud to represent along with every Jamaican at home and within our #Diaspora @bbcthree @bbcworld. I will immediately be writing formally on this! #StopThisShow"

In a report in The Guardian a BBC spokesperson said: “Famalam is an award-nominated sketch comedy series starring some of the UK’s best black comedy talent, which explores aspects of contemporary life from a black perspective."

Famalam is available on iPlayer from Sunday, August 23.

Watch Famalam's Jamaican Countdwn Trailer below

Top Picture: BBC/Rory Lindsay/Matt Burlem



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