News: Second Series for Suzi Ruffell Podcast

News: Second Series for Suzi Ruffell Podcast

Suzi Ruffell's podcast Out With Suzi Ruffell is set to return for a second series, starting with guest Alan Carr on Monday, 24th August.

The podcast is all about coming out, being out, and finding one’s place in the world as an LGBT+ person.

Sue Perkins, Alan Carr, Raven Smith, Denis O’Hare, Steph McGovern, Gok Wan, Mae Martin, Jen Brister and the Rev Richard Coles are among those joining Suzi to celebrate individual journeys. 

“Series One exceeded all my expectations,” says Suzi, “both in audience numbers and critical acclaim – being podcast of the week in The Guardian, I News and The Observer. The line-up for Series Two is just as star-studded, including a Tony winner, BAFTA winner, activists, broadcasters, writers and even a priest. I am so proud of this podcast and very excited for listeners to hear the new series.”

“The listener correspondence has been a particular highlight, we’ve received letters from all over the world from people who want to share their own coming-out stories. Often we hear from those who live in countries where homosexuality is yet to be decriminalised – and many have said that the podcast has given them a sense of community. It’s wonderful that something created at my kitchen table means so much to people.

“The guests are the real stars: Dustin Lance Black sharing his family’s journey to acceptance; Mohsin Zaidi talking about praying in Syria for Allah to make him straight; Ruth Hunt’s relationship with faith regardless of her sexuality; Jules Guaitamacchi expressing what it is to be non-binary; and Tom Allen discussing shame – these have been moments that aren’t often discussed in the public sphere, and this podcast is making room for that.” 

Out with Suzi Ruffell is produced by Keep It Light Media, a production company created by Josh Widdicombe and Michael Marden. They are also responsible for the chart-topping hit podcasts Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe's Lockdown Parenting Hell and Jon Richardson and the Futurenauts, and are co-creators of the cult Quickly Kevin, will he score?... podcast. 



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