Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Richard Herring

Richard herring

What more can one say about Richard Herring that hasn't already been said? Podcast pioneer, purveyor of plays, past partner of Stewart Lee. Herring returns to Edinburgh this summer with an all-new show, Lord of the Dance Settee, which looks like it finds him in more playful mode than ever. After tackling men's tackle in Talking Cock, the Bible in Christ on a Bike, death in We’re All Going To Die! and amour in What Is Love, Anyway? there might be less of a big theme this time round, but one can still expect the same brand of puerile-yet-strangely-erudite humour. Herring has become something of an enduring Edinburgh legend – he hasn't won an award in his own right, but he has had a potato filling named after him – and this year he also returns to the playwriting fray, with a piece about the murder of Rasputin. But it is the stand-up show that Herring is honing tonight. His gigs are always fun, and while others have trouble finding 50 minutes of material, Herring’s problem is usually whittling it down to under an hour. If you don’t already know it you should check out his consistently entertaining long-running blog in which he talks about the evolution of his shows when not talking about playing snooker with himself. He is at the Number 5 Club in Ealing tonight, with Lucy Porter.

Richard Herring is at The Assembly George Square Theatre from July 30 - August 24. Tickets here.


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