News: Manford's Gone To Iceland

News: Manford's Gone To Iceland

Comedian Jason Manford has been working for Iceland helping them out with their deliveries.

The stand-up, whose latest show, Muddle Class, aired on BBC One last Friday, posted a picture on social media in which he was sitting in a van and wearing the company outfit.

Manford previously applied for a job with Tesco during the pandemic but when they didn't offer him a gig Iceland tweeted: "Our door is always open for you @JasonManford. Help us out for a day and we'll make a donation to the NHS in your name. #everylittlehelps."

Manford tweeted alongside the picture, “Funny how life turns out.” We presume it is just a temporary post and he will be returning to comedy in the long run. He is doing drive-in shows in London in July. Details here.

In the meantime you can watch Muddle Class on catch-up here.

Picture: Facebook


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