News: Daniel Kitson Sets Up New Ticketing For Gigs Following "Kerfuffle"

Daniel Kitson To Release LP, CD, Cassette Show

Daniel Kitson is to rearrange the sale of tickets for his upcoming online gigs after the ticketing system could not handle the spike in traffic when tickets went on sale on Friday.

Details of the gigs are here. 

He writes: "I know a good number of you have spent a good whack of time trying to buy tickets, I myself have spent a good whack of time setting the shows up and the people at Citizen Ticket have spent a good whack of time trying to alter their systems in order to fix it all.

There are still lots and lots of tickets available. Obviously, I’m as frustrated by people not being able to buy those tickets as the people who are currently unable to buy the tickets but to clarify, this problem has not been caused by the capping of ticket numbers – there are plenty of tickets available, there’s nearly 1000 a day, for a week and there are still plenty available."

To clarify, the idea of capping the ticket numbers is not contrayism designed to serve my ego or make any of you jump through hoops, or apparently, in one remarkable case to lose a job. The idea is to create a model for raising money and making work that is both exciting and sustainable. . It’s genuinely not meant to irritate you.

The idea is to create a way of releasing work on a fairly regular basis over the coming months that is flexible and sustainable and robust enough to consistently support a couple of charities with something close to a steady and reliable income. Also the cap will change according to the event,  there could be late night work in progress stuff for a hundred people or a more substantial run of something finished or, indeed a one off show with a large capacity but the whole point is that it can and will be repeated.

Also, crucially, these capped shows aren’t the only way that things will be released, they’ll be on Vimeo and Bandcamp as well, like the other stuff already on my website."

As a result the shows have come off sale on the Citizen Ticket site, but tickets will still be valid for those who have tickets. the shows will go ahead as planned.

Kitson will now set the shows up on a different ticketing platform over the next 36 hours and will send another email on Sunday with the details of how to buy tickets.

So stay tuned and keep an eye out for an email if you are signed up to his mailing list.

Update: ticket details here.




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