News: Download Richard Herring Show and Support Food Banks

News: Download Richard Herring Show and Support Food Banks

Following fundraising releases of shows by Mark Thomas and Rachel Fairburn, indie comedy label Go Faster Stripe is now raising money for the Trussell Trust charity through Richard Herring's show We're All Going To Die!

When fans download the show they can donate whatever they want to the charity, which supports food banks around the UK.

So far, 2512 people have donated £17905.22. This deal will run until April 9.

Herring's show, which takes a look at the nature of mortality, was a hit in Edinburgh in 2013, but sounds horribly topical: "Is death a tragedy or an excuse to have an extended lie-in? Are we snuffed out or forced to endure eternity without bodily pleasures? Death is inevitable, so let's laugh in its face while our hearts still beat and our jaws are still attached."

Download We're All Going To Die! here.



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