News: Reece Shearsmith to Co-Star In New Play By Steven Moffat Directed By Mark Gatiss

News: Reece Shearsmith to Co-Star In New Play By Steven Moffat Directed By Mark Gatiss

Reece Shearsmith is to co-star in a new play by Steven Moffat to be directed by his fellow League of Gentlemen performer Mark Gatiss.

The Unfriend will co-star Amanda Abbington and Frances Barber and will have its world premiere at the chichester Festival this summer.

After twenty years of marriage, Peter and Debbie are enjoying a cruise as a break from their annoying teenagers. Peter can’t resist exchanging views on Donald Trump with an American fellow passenger. There’s something slightly unsettling about the eagerly friendly Elsa Jean Krakowski – but there’s no point in rocking the boat when you’re about to get off it.

Back home, an email arrives from Elsa, followed by Elsa herself. And when Debbie googles their house guest and turns up some hair-raising evidence, their good nature is challenged as never before. What kind of danger have they allowed to take up residence in their spare room? And can they bring themselves to say anything about it? Sometimes, the truth is just too impolite.

The Unfriend takes a hugely entertaining and satirical look at middle-class England’s disastrous instinct always to appear nice. Manners can be murder.

Steven Moffat's hit television series include Doctor Who, Sherlock and Dracula – the latter two co-written with Mark Gatiss, who makes his directorial debut here.

The Unfriend runs at the Minerva Theatre from 17 July – 22 August. 

Online Priority booking for Friends opens 22 February 9am, general booking opens 29 February at 9am here.

Picture by Seamus Ryan

Watch a brief trailer for The Unfriend below.



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