News: New Class-Clash Radio 4 Comedy Written By Barry Castagnola, Mark Steel, Elliot Steel and Ivo Graham

News: New Class-Clash Radio 4 Comedy Written By Barry Castagnola, Mark Steel, Elliot Steel and Ivo Graham
Unite is a new sitcom starring Claire Skinner (Outnumbered), Radio 4 favourite Mark Steel (In Town With Mark Steel, News Quiz), Mark’s son Elliot Steel (Roast Battles, Comedy Central At The Comedy Store) and rising comedy star Ivo Graham (Dave’s Edinburgh Comedy Award’ nominee 2019, HIGNFY).
It will air on Radio 4 on January 17 at 11.30am as part of BBC Radio 4's latest Comedy Playhouse season. 
When Tony (Mark Steel) a working-class, left wing South Londoner, falls in love and moves in with Imogen (Claire Skinner), an upper middle-class property developer, their respective millennial sons Ashley (Elliot Steel), a disenfranchised Croydon 'rude boy' and Gideon (Ivo Graham), Eton and Oxbridge-educated and crypto-currency literate, are forced to live under the same roof and behave like the brothers neither of them ever wanted.
Class, compromise, hope, desolation, love, identity, step-sibling rivalry and Crystal Palace FC are all themes explored in this fresh comedy offering the characters literally experience how the other half live. Tony resents his newfound enjoyment of the finer things in life, while Imogen finds Tony's stories of being a working-class hero intriguing and endearing. Ashley's brash attitude belies both insecurity and envy of Gideon who, in turn, is secretly impressed by what he believes to be Ashley's streetwise knowledge of urban culture.

'Characters of the show Unite! You have nothing to lose but your prejudices, formed over a lifetime of living within the British class system'

Unite also stars Susannah Fielding (This Time with Alan Partridge), Annette Badland (Man Down), Simon Greenall (I’m Alan Partridge) and Naz Osmanoglu (Horrible Histories).

It is produced and directed by Barry Castagnola. Executive Producer is Mario Stylianides
Unite is on Radio 4 on January 17 at 11.30am.


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