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The results of the annual UK Comedy Awards have been announced today, These are the comedians comedian awards in which professional comedians vote for their peers.
Last year's winner of the main award Andy Askins said: "These awards are very highly regarded and rightly so. Comedy may be subjective but I think we are generally a very fair minded bunch and as professional comedians we actually know what it takes to get up on a stage in front of all kinds of people in all kinds of places. We have all experienced the highs of “laugh-surfing” and the lows of “The death of a thousand cuts”. It’s a great bond we share and one we should be proud of. I was very honoured to be voted “ Best UK Standup” last year and the fact that the votes were from my peers was and still is a very big deal to me (and I know all the previous winners feel exactly the same way)."

Askins added that the voting this year was extremely tight with
 just one or two votes separating the top few places. And here are the results:
Best UK Live Stand Up Act 2019
The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue
Best UK Compere 2019
Sally Ann Hayward
Best UK Independent Promoter
Jim Howarth (Comedy Hotspot)
The Outstanding contribution to Comedy Awards
Jeremy Hardy & Ian Cognito (Paul Barbieri).
Andy Askins says: "We lost two comedy diamonds in 2019 each of whom contributed so much to live comedy. Jeremy Hardy, a gentleman who oozed class and sophistication onstage and who helped so many other cut their “comedy teeth”. His talents were limitless and he made an impact across literature, radio and TV and of course Mr Ian Cognito an absolute legend and the the nearest thing comedy will ever have to Oliver Reed, a force of nature, unpredictable and brilliant he could only ever be appreciated in a live comedy venue because TV execs didn’t have the same bravery Ian did. There are a very large number of venues and promoters in the UK and it is as important to be able to celebrate the great ones as it is to name the bad ones. This is how we can keep the circuit healthy and safe for the next generation of comics coming through.
Congratulations to the winners and honourable mentions to Scott Bennett and Stephen Grant (MC) who were so close. Also on a personal note special thanks to Andy White for all of his help in putting it all together he was marvellous and I believe the Awards will be presented during the Comedians Party as organised by Susan Murray which should make things extra special!"


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