News: Gossipmongers Podcast Returns With Special Guest Ricky Gervais

=News: Gossipmongers Podcast Returns With Special Guest Ricky Gervais

In an increasingly crowd marketplace Gossipmongers is easily the most masturbation-and-fingering-fixated puerile podcast I've ever come across. And that's not a euphemism."

It is presented by Joe Wilkinson, David Earl and Poppy Hillstead and in each episode they read out unsubstantiated rumours sent in by listeners.

The first episode of the second series is out now and features a lot of stories about schooldays and sex. There is one about a kid at school called "Giuseppe" who was six foot tall with a full beard and had at least three wanks a day "during school hours". The rumour spread when another boy caught him "mid-pump" but there is a happy ending. His skills were put to good use when he won a milking competition.

Elsewhere we learn about "jizzy stacey" - no further details needed – and another girl at school who was rumoured to have fifteen kidneys – "during a routine check doctors found lots and lots of kidneys"

Special guest in the first episode in the new series is Ricky Gervais. He tells the story of Chopper Wilson, who was the "hardest bloke in Whitley" where Gervais grew up. Wilson got his nickname because he once headbutted someone on a bus - Gervais says that Wilson wasn't even on the bus at the time, he was running alongside and "headbutted them through the window...I don't even know if it was possible but good luck to him."

Wilkinson and Earl both appear in the acclaimed Ricky Gervais Netflix series After Life. 

Listen to Gossipmongers here.

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