Edinburgh Fringe Review 2019 – Legs, Just The Tonic

A man in a huge white boat sails to the edge of the world and the end of time –finding out everything there is to know about legs.

Legs, winner of the 2019 Malcolm Hardee Award For Comic Originality, is the creation of Julia Masli and the Duncan Brothers. 

Masli, in fur coat and bare legs, has a quizzical face, with eyes that dart backwards and forwards beneath her fur hat. She encourages us to shout ‘Legs’ to various easy questions – rewarding us with a quick flash of smile. 

The Duncan Brothers are lanky and awkward, and wear slightly baffled expressions. They introduce monotone, ill-timed cries of “Legs” to business presentation and news reports. 

Every scene attempts to shed some light on the nature of legs. But as idea follows idea, the notion of “Legs” becomes ever more ridiculous. 

A man has a foot massage, a woman draws lipstick mouths on her knees. The audience obediently chimes in, with off key chants of “Legs”.

The three performers are precise, graceful but with an air of panic they might run out of ideas about “Legs”.   The show is visually beautiful but can get dark.  A man has his leg sawn off, a woman gives birth and the two brothers simultaneously declare their love and hate for each other during a physical fight. 

Each set up is utterly simple, yet totally absurd. While we might have thought legs were easy to understand, they become ever more mysterious and odd by the moment.

Legs carry us along when we are walking, they connect us to the ground, they take us from one place to another. But do we really know them? 

No. It transpires. And this show does not have any answers.  Although you will find yourself randomly chanting the word “Legs” afterwards.

Legs is at Just The Tonic until August 25. Details here.

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