Edinburgh Fringe Review 2019 – Laura Lexx, Knee Jerk, Gilded Balloon

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Climate change and mental health are everywhere this year – and Laura Lexx has something to say about both of them.

She also mentions Brexit – which is now guaranteed to plunge an audience into despair. Lexx has noticed this too – so she’s come up with a way of mentioning it without actually saying the word.

Her mental health issues are acknowledged rather than dwelled on. Lexx did a whole show last year about a breakdown caused by the discovery she could not have a baby.

These days she acknowledges her depression and anxiety – but has also had tons of therapy – so she has a handy way of dealing with catastrophe thinking – which she also works into her stand up.

It’s useful to have a way of dealing with disaster, because as she mentions frequently, pointing to the horizon: “It’s 1939 and the Nazis are coming over the hill.”

Lexx links her state of anxiety and depression with the current state of the world – which is entirely reasonable. The climate is changing, the oceans are full of plastic and we have a Government intent on driving the capitalist juggernaut over the cliff.

Originally from rural Somerset but now living in lovely Brighton Laura Lexx knows her tribe. She is most definitely a feminist and has no truck with people who get in a froth over trans rights – explaining her position with great clarity and humour.

She’s annoyed about always being defined as a woman in comedy which is fair enough. However she does have a very girly style. Lexx favours colourful frocks, which is fine – but she speaks with an over animated musical theatre style delivery which can be distracting.

She is best when she is applying clear sighted political thinking to every day things. I loved her analysis of the difference between netball and football, which includes a very funny description of the offside rule.

Laura Lexx, Knee Jerk is at Gilded Balloon until August 25. Tickets here.

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