News: The Edinburgh Fringe's Top Male Comedians To Watch

News: The Edinburgh Fringe's Top Male Comedians To Watch

Last week I ran a story about the women set to dominate this year's Edinburgh Fringe. I was thinking about posting a companion piece about men, except that when you click on the link you get a blank page. A bit like if someone published a book called The Compassion And Wisdom of Donald Trump and when you open it there is nothing in it.

But of course there are some male comedians to look out for in Edinburgh. My personal diary is still largely packed with female shows, but here is a selection of some of the men who are worth your time at the Fringe this summer. Click on their names to get the their dates and ticket details.

I've been catching Jack Gleadow (pictured) in a number of comedy competitions recently and even when he hasn't been the actual winner he has always stood out as someone going places. He's very different to most modern stand-ups. With his twangy braces and high-energy performance he's more like a latterday Lee Evans. He also uses props and audience involvement, but never in an awkward way. His debut show is called Mr Saturday Night - a bold claim for someone so young but something tells me he will be heading for primetime pretty soon.

Another comic with a winning mainstream sensibility is Liverpudlian Adam Rowe (pictured), who won Dave's Joke of the Fringe Award for Best Joke last year with “Working at the jobcentre has to be a tense job. Knowing that if you get fired, you still have to come in the next day.” His new show doesn't have a fancy title, but you can sure of rock solid classic stand-up from this English Comedian of the Year Finalist.

Of the comics that have been around a while Alun Cochrane is a name to catch. The lanky northerner has gigged with Daniel Kitson in the past, but he has a more mainstream sensiblity, brilliantly homing in on life's little irritations. This year he has back with his most personal, honest show yet, Brave New Alun. Carl Donnelly is an Ediinburgh regular and two-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee back with a show about how difficult it is to be a good person in the modern world.

I'll be writing more about seasoned campaigners separately but one that i can't wait to mention is Nick Helm, returning to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time in six years with Phoenix From The Flames. Helm is a real one-off. Sweaty, full-on and never, ever remotely dull. Go see him for a comedy experience you will never forget.

George Fouracres is best known as one third of acclaimed sketch combo Daphne, but he has gone solo this year with Gentlemon. Advance word of mouth suggests that the naturally funny man might be the best thing – comedy-wise – to come out of the West Midlands since Frank Skinner.

Rhys James is another example of that endangered species, the middle class white male stand-up. You've probably seen him on Mock The Week, you might have laughed at his pithy tweets, you may have caught him on Roast Battle. Now catch him with his new show Snitch, premiering in Edinburgh before he heads out on tour. Hopefully he won't be wearing the sliders he wears on the poster when he goes onstage.

Fellow Daphne star Phil Wang didn't like my review of him a while ago but that hasn't held him back. Since then he has become a panel show regular and was one of the highlights of Taskmaster. He is back doing the stand-up that he is so good at – whatever I might have said in the past – with a new show entitled Philly Philly Wang Wang. And talking of punny ha ha titles, last year's Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Glenn Moore returns with Love Don't Live Here Glenny Moore.

I'll be adding to this list later – and there will also be a feature on the big guns at the Fringe – but grab a ticket for any of these shows and if you don't laugh ask someone to check that your heart is still beating because you are probably dead.


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