Preview: The Week Ahead April 8 - 14

Tony Law

After a bit of a lull there are some great gigs in London this week. So many, in fact, that BTJ has already written about the first one, One Night Stanshall, which pays tribute to legendary British eccentric Viv Stanshall, who seems to be the only cult comedian that Stewart Lee has not championed recently. It’s at the Bloomsbury Theatre on Tuesday. Read more about it here, or just go ahead and buy tickets here.

Seann Walsh has already had one run of his Lie-In King show at the Soho Theatre since it picked up a Foster’s Award nomination last year and now he is back due to popular demand. He was supposed to be starting his run on April 8 but due to other commitments – this man is so hot he is sizzling – he has had to postpone the opening night to April 9. If you haven’t caught the show yet why not? Get with the programme.  Walsh has really found his voice here as he reveals how he has attempted to grow up and ditch the kebabs and jagerbombs but with, surprise surprise, little success.

Comedians are always looking for interesting places to play and in October the likes of clownish Rhys Darby, man mountain Craig Campbell, one-liner maestro Stewart Francis, deadpan posho Simon Evans, EastEnder Terry Alderton and more are planning a gig at the base camp of Mount Everest. I guess that's what you call the summit of their careers. But first, it seems, they need to pay for their travel, equipment and Kendal mint cake, so there is a fundraiser this Wednesday at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Evans, Francis and Alderton will be joined for the night by Holly Walsh, Keith Farnan, Joe Wilkinson and more. Get your tickets here.

And finally the purple cow with an inflated sense of humour returns to the South Bank from Thursday. There are plenty of treats at the Udderbelly over the next couple of months, from Omid Djalili to Gina Yashere to Festival of the Spoken Nerd and Rubberbandits. The fun kicks off on April 10 with an opening gala which offers a taste of things to come and mixes variety with stand-up. Among the highlights on the night are Andrew Maxwell, Brendon Burns, Phil Nichol, Vikki Stone, Showstoppers and Tony Law. 

This time last year the weather was pretty grim, but things are looking up. There are not many things better on a summer’s evening than catching some comedy at the Udderbelly and then relaxing outside afterwards with a drink. Although it can be a bit disconcerting for Edinburgh Fringe fans. It is all too easy to think you are in Edinburgh in August where the purple cow regularly takes up residence.

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