News: Stewart Lee To Appear With Sleaford Mods

Comedian Stewart Lee is to open for Sleaford Mods at their major show in London this November.

Lee will be doing a set at the Eventim Apollo on November 15.

The comedian, who is currently developing his latest solo show, has often spoken of his admiration for the high energy hard-hitting Nottingham duo.

In 2014 he wrote in the NME:"Despite thirty-three years of weekly gig going, I’ve rarely been in the right place at the right time. I may have missed The Sex Pistols at The Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1976, but I was there for Sleaford Mods at the 12 Bar in 2014. And now Sleaford Mods have descended upon me, like an enormous yes."

Also appearing are Viagra Boys and Horsemeat Disco. 

Buy tickets here.



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