News: Edinburgh Fringe To Include Section For Dog Shows

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society is pleased to announce a new section for the 2019 Fringe Programme – dog shows. 

The new category will showcase dog-centric performances across all genres, from theatre and comedy through to live music and dance. Not only will the shows be about dogs – they will also be performed by dogs, to largely canine audiences (owners are welcome too). The Fringe Society has been increasingly aware of mounting interest in the programme from arts-loving pets, and have responded by making sure the new section is as comprehensive as possible – ensuring it’s printed in black and white to better suit dogs’ vision, and liaising with Fringe venues to install dog flaps and water bowls.

Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, said: “We are passionate about making sure the Fringe is available to all who want to attend. We’ve put a lot of thought and care into how this new programme category will be implemented, and we think the results will set a lot of tails wagging.”

As well as a whole new programme category, other developments include:

  • workshops and talent labs for performers, hosted as part of the Fringe Pawticipants’ strand in the Fringe Central Programme
  • the option to subscribe to daily and weekly email pupdates
  • an exclusive Boxer Office with a range of ticket options from free to ‘Shar-Pei what you want’

Confirmed shows for 2019 so far are 50 Shades of Greyhound, Abracalabrador, Miles Pupp, Much Adog About Nothing, Pugsy Malone, Shih Tzu Perkins, Spaniel Kitson, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woof and the timeless Waiting for Dogot.

Early feedback from performers has been robust. Jack Russell Howard, canine comedian and spokesdog for the organisation Better Arts Representation for K-9s (BARK), said: “For years we’ve been overlooked in favour of human performers. I’m happy that the Fringe is finally throwing us a bone. It feels like we’re achieving some overdue sense of recognition. Now, when someone asks, ‘Who’s a good boy then?’, I can simply refer them to my star rating.”

Fans of the initiative are encouraged to contribute to the newest tier of the Society’s supporters’ scheme by becoming a Man’s Best Friend of the Fringe.

All shows in the new section will be staged at the newly established bespoke 101-seat venue, The Beagletent.

Programme highlights include:


Join three-time Magicians’ Circle Very Good Boy nominee Rory the Retriever as he delights and surprises with his magical repertoire of tricks and illusions. Featuring new and inspired takes on traditional classics like The Unthrown Tennis Ball, Mystery Noise and Which Hand’s the Treat In? ‘Astounding!’ – audience member. ‘So good I wanted to roll in it: five stars’ – Poodle Reviewdle.

50 Shades of Greyhound

Who’s holding the leash now?! In this four-legged frolic inspired by the steamy best-seller, we follow demure Dachsund Anastasia as she falls for the dominant ex-race champion Christian. Strap on your collar, start panting and get ready to whippet real good. Warning: This show deals with mature themes; dog attendees must be at least 3+, humans 18+. ‘You’ll never look at your owner’s leg the same way again’ –

Waiting for Dogot

A lone human stands on a dark stage. ‘Here boy,’ he cries, helplessly. And again: ‘Here boy?’ But will the boy ever come? Samuel Beckett’s sublime masterpiece is brought to life by Fail Petter theatre group, a company of Irish Wolfhounds and Red Setters based in Beckett’s hometown of Dublin. 



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