Edinburgh Residents invited to Host an Artist During Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has launched a new partnership with TheatreDigsBooker to offer affordable accommodation to artists. Edinburgh residents are invited to host a Fringe artist and see a whole new side to the Fringe, sharing a unique experience with one of its creators.

The Society have partnered with TheatreDigsBooker, an established accommodation platform that has been around since 2010, to encourage Edinburgh residents with a passion for the arts to share their homes with a Fringe participant. Unlike other hosting sites, TheatreDigsBooker is exclusively for artists seeking accommodation across the UK.

The Fringe Society is committed to tackling the rising cost of attendance at the Fringe as part of its five-year Fringe Blueprint, which includes increasing the availability of affordable accommodation options through partnerships with accommodation and transport providers. 

Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society said: “The Fringe Society is committed to making accommodation more affordable for artists at the Fringe, and I am delighted to announce this important step in tackling one of the biggest issues participants face. In partnership with TheatreDigsBooker’s online platform, we are reaching out to the residents of Edinburgh to register their property and host an artist in their spare room.

Over a third of Edinburgh residents visit the Fringe during August and this is another way they can engage and support the artists that make this festival diverse, inclusive and amazing. Ensuring that those participating at the fringe, including performers, producers and technical staff can continue to bring incredible work to our city each year, irrespective of background or financial status. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to see the Fringe in a whole new light. 

The Society is delighted to welcome Queen Margaret University and Napier University as accommodation partners, too. Both are providing affordable rooms specifically for artists and I encourage other student accommodation providers to come onboard over the coming months.”

Phil Barley, TheatreDigsBooker founder, said: "The team and I are really excited to be working with the Fringe. We love the festival and everything that it brings to the theatre industry. We hope that pooling our combined resources will make finding and booking accommodation for the Fringe easier than ever and make a genuine difference to participants experience."

Edinburgh residents are encouraged to take part in the scheme, with the opportunity to experience sharing their home with an artist and potentially making lifelong friendships with guests from across the world. Nearly 100 private hosts are already listed on TheatreDigsBooker.com in the Edinburgh area, with some 700 digs available in total.

Host Fiona Knowles who is heading into her fifth festival season after first listing her spare room in 2014 said: “I love using TheatreDigsBooker and wouldn’t list my room anywhere else. As an actress myself, I’ve also used it as a guest and for both purposes it’s safe, reliable and convenient. As a host, I’m confident that guests will treat my home with respect and the support and communication from TheatreDigsBooker is really good.”

Given the rising costs of staying in Edinburgh in August, the Fringe Society are looking for people who are primarily interested in the experience both they and the artists can share, as opposed to the financial return they can gain.  This scheme is aimed at those who have a spare room that they can offer to an artist or participant registered with the Fringe at minimal cost. 

The Fringe Society are also partnering with student accommodation providers in Edinburgh who have agreed to offer accommodation below market value in August. Rooms have already been secured with Queen Margaret University and Napier University, and the Society is working closely with a number of additional partners to increase the availability of affordable accommodation during August.

To host a Fringe participant please register at:https://hello.theatredigsbooker.com/edinburgh-fringe/

If you are a participant at the 2019 Fringe and are looking for a place to stay: https://www.edfringe.com/take-part/accommodation



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