News: Tributes Paid To Comedian Jeremy Hardy

Jeremy Hardy

Tributes have been paid to comedian Jeremy Hardy, who has died aged 57.

Hardy was a leading light of 1980s alternative comedy, part of the second wave of stand-ups who emerged with a determination to be non-racist and non-sexist, alongside comedians including Jo Brand, Julian Clary, Mark Thomas, Mark Steel, Arthur Smith and Jack Dee. He was one of the first stand-ups to win the Perrier Award, picking up the prize at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1988.

Jack Dee tweeted: "Jeremy Hardy was ground-breakingly brilliant, off the register funny, compassionate and caring. So privileged to have counted him as a dear friend. My love goes out Katie and Betty and all his wonderful family. x"

Mark Steel tweeted: "My dearest friend left us early this morning. I was so lucky to have spent 35 years arseing about with him. Knowing him as I did, I know he wouldn't want you to be sad, he'd want you to be bloody devastated x"

Richard Osman tweeted: "I was very lucky to work with Jeremy Hardy early in my career. Every day was a masterclass, a privilege. He was so naturally and brilliantly funny, and a man who chose to use his comedy to change the world, rather than to fill stadia. A very sad day. ."

Angela Barnes tweeted: "Utterly heartbroken to have to say goodbye to Jeremy Hardy. He was so very kind and supportive of me, I’ve had so many laughs sat next to him on the News Quiz and even more in the pub afterwards. So much love and strength to his family. Night Jeremy, cheers for the laughs xxx"

David Baddiel wrote: "Jeremy was at the forefront of the 2nd wave of New Comedy, the generation that came after The Comic Strip. At The Earth Exchange in Archway in 1983, I had never seen such an at ease, just-talking way of doing stand-up. It was. in its quiet way, revolutionary."

Tony Robinson wrote: "I first worked with 30 years ago when he was subsidising his standup with brief performances on Blackadder & Who Dares Wins. He was brilliant & original from the start. Comedy is highly competitive but I know of no one who begrudged him his later stellar success. RIP"

Tom Price added: "Awful awful news about Jeremy Hardy. He came on The Leak a few times. I remember walking back to the train station and he casually handed money to every homeless person we saw. So, you know, let’s all do that today is it?"

Hardy worked with Rory Bremner in the early days. Bremner wrote: "Sad beyond measure that Jeremy Hardy died this morning. Unfussy, unshowy, principled, self-deprecating, hugely loved & admired by his fellow comedians, and funnier than the lot of us put together. A unique comedian & a lovely man."

Dave Cohen, a contemporary of Hardy, wrote: "Jeremy Hardy was the first stand-up to arrive on the circuit fully formed. While the rest of us were floundering around in search of our voices, Jeremy was as funny on stage on day one as he was for the rest of his life. "

Victoria Coren-Mitchell tweeted: "Jeremy Hardy was so special and brilliant and mischievous, a miracle of a person. I loved him a lot. He was so kind when my father died. My dad admired him enormously. It’s so sad."

Robin Ince wrote: "Jeremy Hardy was one of my first favourite comedians when I started going to live gigs and his was the first full length solo show I saw when I went to the fringe when I was 18. I excitedly accosted him on Princess Street and asked him about becoming a comedian. RIP."

Arthur Smith wrote: "Dear Jeremy, a profoundly witty and honourable man - so sorry he has left us RIP Jeremy Hardy"

Justin Moorhouse wrote: "Not always sure of tweeting after someone dies, but Jeremy Hardy was the gentlest,kindest,funniest person. He was just brilliant with me when I worked with him on the radio. Encouraging, supportive and just a nice bloke. I’m grateful for having met him and known him a little x"

Ed Byrne wrote: "Jeremy Hardy has died. That’s started the day with a punch in the guts. Lovely bloke, very funny and a genuine force for good."

Sarah Kendall tweeted: "Just saw the news about lovely Jeremy Hardy. I did the News Quiz with him many times, he never shut the fuck up and it was glorious. A masterclass who was also a joy to be around." 

Dave Gorman tweeted: "At 17 I was in Edinburgh w a bunch of friends. Someone had a spare ticket to see a stand up. I tagged along. It was the 1st live comedy I saw. It blew me away. I doubt I’d be doing what I am now if I hadn’t been there then. Thank you Jeremy Hardy. We’ve lost an absolute gent."

Jeremy Corbyn wrote: "Jeremy Hardy was a dear, lifelong friend. He always gave his all for everyone else and the campaigns for social justice. You made us all smile. You made us all think. Rest in peace, Jeremy."

Off The Kerb, Hardy's long-term managers, tweeted: "Jeremy Hardy was one of Off The Kerb's first clients, working with him for over thirty years has been a huge privilege and he will be enormously missed by us and so many. A fitting memorial will take place, details to be announced soon."

News: Jeremy Hardy Dies




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