News: When The Star Turns Into The Support Act

Life on the road for touring comedians can be a precarious, unpredictable business for comedians. If the road works and the diversions don't delay you enough the traffic jams probably will, as Eshaan Akbar found out on his way to North Devon.

Akbar is currently supporting Hal Cruttenden on his Chubster UK tour and on Thursday night they were due to appear at the Plough Arts Centre in Great Torrington. Unfortunately Akbar was travelling separately and was stuck in his car in a horrendous traffic jam. As a result Cruttenden sportingly decided to go on first before the crowd started to get too restless.

By the time Akbar arrived Cruttenden had done his own warm-up but he invited Akbar to fulfil his contract and do his set too before Cruttenden came back on and finished his act, much to the delight of the crowd.

At least Akbar had been heading to the right gig. In 2014 Seann Walsh drove to Hereford for a show by mistake – he was actually booked to do a gig at the Hertford Theatre.

And it was a cheaper option than Jason Manford's response to being 40 minutes late for a gig in Lincoln in 2014. He bought drinks for everyone, picking up the £3,530 bar bill.

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