Interviews: Seann Walsh & Danny John-Jules On Strictly Come Dancing


Why are you taking part in Strictly this year?

I’m taking part in Strictly because I think it would be absolutely amazing to come out of something having learnt a skill and with the way I am, when I’m not doing stand-up I tend to just sit there and watch television or go to the pub with my mates so this is the way to go. For me to become a fully formed adult I want to do more things like this. After Strictly Come Dancing I want Strictly Come Cooking and then Strictly Come Spanish, Strictly Come Guitar, Strictly Come Driving - do you know what I mean?

Are you a fan of the show?

The last two series I’ve been watching, following it and I’ve started to form an opinion. What happens is, if you’re a bloke your partner might force you to watch it and you might reluctantly view it and then half an hour in you’re going ‘Come on… that was not a 7. That was a 9. That was a superb Paso Doble!’

How would you rate your dancing?

I’m not just saying this; we’re starting at zero here. It’s bad. I’m hoping that we start at zero and we go on a journey and I’m fearful of, we start at zero and we end on a zero.

How do you feel about the hair and makeup on the show?

Well I play a character in a Jack Dee sitcom who’s a sort of rock star called Grizzo. He’s quite flamboyant and I love being him, he wears make-up and his clothes are a bit more extravagant so I’ve got a bit of a taste for it. Getting done up, let’s just do it!

Have you been given any advice or helpful tips by anyone?

I told my mum and the first thing she said was ‘But Seann, you can’t dance?’ And I’ve told my closest friends and all they’ve done is laugh very loudly and continuously for five minutes. Each and every one of them has had the same reaction.


Are you a Strictly fan?

I’m a fan of dance full stop. I started dancing in nightclubs and did a few dance classes to be better than the guys in the clubs. A lot of club dancers did that and went on to be professional dancers.

How would you rate your dancing?

When I was in a local drama group in a church hall I was in the world disco dancing championships in the Hammersmith Apollo. That was the only competition I ever did and I came second or third.

Are you nervous about taking part in Strictly?

I’m not really nervous; I don’t have a fear of losing.

How do you feel about being Strictlified? (Hair, make up, costumes, spray tans)

It’s a bit like my career has been in the past really - dressing up, spangly clothes, diamantes, big earrings, and more makeup than Tina Turner.

Who’s the first person you told? How have people reacted?

My other half who was loving it! They watch it with the kids so they’re all over the moon and so is everyone who knows me pretty much.

Who’s on the list to come watch you dance?

Pretty much everyone who knows me thinks they’re on the wish list!

Saturdays from September 8, 7.35pm, BBC One.

Interviews supplied by the BBC.



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