News: More Warm Up Shows For Ricky Gervais

News: Ricky Gervais to Host Golden Globes For Record Fifth Time

Ricky Gervais has announced that he is doing more work-in-progress gigs in August to road-test material for his next live show SuperNature.

The shows will be at the Pleasance Theatre in north London on Wednesday, August 29 & Thursday, August 30. 

SuperNature "looks at the absurdity of superstition, magic and all unsubstantiated beliefs, and celebrates the conclusion that Nature is already Super enough. What's the most incredible fact you know?"

Gervais only finished his Humanity tour earlier this year, but has said that the show, which has been a huge commercial and critical success, has rekindled his enthusiasm for stand-up comedy, making him keen to do a follow-up show quickly. Humanity is currently streaming on Netflix and the network has already bought the rights to air his next stand-up show.

The comedy superstar recently tweeted that he had been considering the possibility of buying a vineyard. But his partner Jane Fallon did not appear so keen. "Just told Jane I was thinking of buying a vineyard. I assumed she'd say something like 'that's a brilliant idea and exactly what I'd expect from a megastar genius and comedy legend like you Rick'. Imagine my surprise when all she said was 'fat idiot'."

Tickets go on sale on Wednsday, August 22 at 10am here.

Picture: Rich Hardcastle


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