News: Comedian Makes Film About The Road To The Edinburgh Fringe

Comedian Mark Row has made a film about his journey to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe. A1: The Long Road To Edinburgh is not just about his car journey up the A1, but also about his journey from newcomer to fully-fledged stand-up gigging in Edinburgh in the summer of 2017.

Along the way he gets essential advice from experienced performers including James Acaster, Stuart Goldsmith, James Redmond and Ellie Gibson. The main bit of advice is to get as much stage-time as possible (it helps if you have a tolerant partner). We see Mark as he puts in his time starting out on the open mic circuit, gradually building up a set and his confidence. The result is not just a scenic film, but a handy manual for anyone starting out in comedy.

Row made it to Edinburgh and performed at the Free Festival in 2017. He says: "I am not taking my own show this year, but will be doing lots of spots on compilations from the 8th - 15th, and experiencing The Fringe how newbies are supposed to do it, without throwing themselves in at the deep end!" But his film is being screened on Tuesday, August 14th at 7pm at Dropkick Murphy's in Merchant St. Or you can purchase it from Amazon here. It might be fun to watch it on the train if you are travelling up to Edinburgh this week (though maybe not if you are driving up the A1). You might even pick up some tips...

Watch the trailer here.


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