News: Comedy World Reacts To England World Cup Win

David Baddiel (pictured with Frank Skinner): "It’s just about still coming home."

Russell Brand: "Welcome, millennials, welcome to supporting England. Here we go!!! "

Tim Downie: "Fuck yes!!! We’ve won a penalty shoot out! I’m having a massive aneurism. "

London Hughes: "I’ve taken off my shoes and earrings in public and I’m screaming like a mad woman!!!! England why do you do this to me babes!!! "

Russell Brand (again): "I’m naked. I’m crying. I just vomited a bit of tea. England.  "

Matt Edmondson: "Gareth Southgate leading an England team to a penalty victory 20 years after he missed ‘that’ goal is an M Night Shyamalan movie waiting to happen. "

David Schneider: "Redemption! "

Omid Djalili: "True hero haven’t even seen a replay of amazing save before Colombia scored (but needs a translator in interview)"

Rufus Jones: "Pickford man. That save from long range. And the strong arm for the penalty. To think he was in doubt."

Jack Whitehall: "I cried. Slightly lost my shit. Then nearly passed out with a head rush. This is only the round of 16. God help us."

Lolly Adefope: "i have never missed a penalty in my life and i do NOT plan on starting now"

Lolly Adefope (again, shortly after previous tweet): "thank you and goodnight"

Picture: Twitter.

When is England v Sweden? Saturday, July 7, 3pm, BBC1.


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