Review: Spencer Jones – The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk, iPlayer

It's interesting that the BBC has commissioned this short film from Spencer Jones as they've already commissioned a full series of the similar character Mr Winner from him. Either they've decided that Jones is hot property or they've accidentally double booked him. Either way I'm not complaining. He is stupidly brilliant. And this film is brilliantly stupid.

The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk is admittedly slightly closer than Mr Winner to Jones' live persona The Herbert. In particular this short borrows the plot of Jones' last live show in which he is an aspiring actor who is invited to go for an audition. But that is merely the washing line on which to peg a series of mainly visual inspired gags. Blink and you might miss one. There are so many jokes if you are not careful you might overlook a new one while you are laughing at the last one.

A number of gags come from the prop-based live show but they translate very well and are even added to. His singing mop, for example, is joined by a singing floor. His usual stage trick with fake eyes is expanded upon when he meets his geezer mate Jonny Wallop (Dominic Coleman) in the street, whose expression is also defined by an ever-changing pair of fake eyeballs.

Elsewhere Jones/Clunkerdunk turned his dental floss into a musical intrument and dunks his head into his cereal when he has to take a phone call from his agent. Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee Lucy Pearman plays Mrs Clunkerdunk, though to be honest she doesn't have much to do except sit and enjoy the madness along with us. Totally nuts, but in a Very Good Way. I can't think of many better ways to spend ten minutes.

Watch here.

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