TV Preview: Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule, ITV1

Just a nudge to remind Harry Hill fans to watch Alien Fun Capsule or, if not, don't forget to catch up on the ITV Hub, or whatever their catch-up service is calling itself these days.

The second series returned recently and according to social media the audience has been pretty divided. Not in my house though, where the first episode, featuring guests including Robert Peston, Anneka Rice, Sally Dynevor/Webster and Micky Flanagan knocked the spots off the first series. The routine in which Harry's arm with a tiny hand extended to fetch pickled onions from the green room for his guests will live long in the memory. As will the various clips featuring oddballs who looked slightly like Robert Peston.

Oh, and the What Happened Next? clip in which a child vomited on its parent's lap on a trip to a safari park was excellent too. There seemed to be quite a lot of vomit in the episode – Harry's alien assistant had an upset tummy too – but in a Good Way. The guests in the second episode are Kara Tointon, Suzanne Packer, Tom Davis and Moira Stuart. It's supposed to be a panel game, but if there are any rules I haven't worked them out yet. I don't care though.

I think Hill has said he got fed up having to watch so much TV to write TV Burp, but he's getting the same results here without spending all day watching episodes of Come Dine With Me. He has had various outings in various timeslots on various channels since the golden age of Burp, but this may be the first one that actually evokes the spirit of that legendary show. If you don't like it you simply don't have a sense of humour.

Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule, ITV1, Saturdays, 7.30pm.


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