Review: Greg Davies, You Magnificent Beast, Netflix

Greg Davies really is a big star. And not only because he is 6ft 8ins. His You Magnificent Beast tour included four nights at the 4000-seater Apollo in London (where this was recorded), his C4 sitcom Man Down is a hit and his game show Taskmaster just keeps going from strength to strength. A new series starts in May on Dave.

Davies quickly explains his well-established stand-up methodoclogy. He goes home to Shropshire where he grew up and "I wait for my parents to say weird shit then I come on and tell you". Unfortunately his father died since his last tour and his eccentric mother has asked him to stop talking about her onstage. But he can't resist it, promptly repeating her comment about Oscar Pistorius having the world at his feet.

His story about his mum making him a five-foot "Blue Ted" is priceless too, but there are plenty of parent-free laughs here as well. The show's theme is how we perceive ourselves, how others perceive us and how unique we all are. But no amount of inspirational onscreen quotes from Nelson Mandela can conceal the fact that Davies is essentially an overgrown child.

As well as some sublimely funny asides about growing granite hard fingernails, numerous stories see him reconnecting with his inner adolescent, whether it doing an utterly childish Chris Eubank impression, recalling his juvenile attempts at pubic topiary or his questionable teenage relationship with that homemade teddy bear.

Yet just as you think Davies takes absolutely nothing seriously he pulls the rug with a tribute to his late father. This still involves some trademark bad taste yet it is undeniably touching to see him sing a song his father taught him. Naturally there is a comic pay-off. In fact there is a veritable motorway pile-up of comic pay-offs. The big star certainly knows how to end on a big laugh.

Streaming on netflix now.


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