News: Ken Dodd On The Mend

Ken Dodd has told the Liverpool Echo that: “I have been to a very dark place,“ but that "I will get out and come into the sunshine.”

The 90-year-old entertainer was speaking from his hospital bed in the Liverpool Heart And Chect Hospital where he has been for the last two weeks with a severe chest infection.

Dodd was angry about the people who started the fake news earlier this week when it was reported on social media that he had died: "They are horrible monsters. I don’t think they are human beings. I think they are evil. But I think they will get theirs. I can tell you now, there is a God and he will punish them.”

He went on to praise the NHS and assured fans that he would be back onstage this year.

Ken Dodd is currently booked to appear at Gawsworth Hall in Macclesfield on July 15. Buy tickets here.

More on this story here.



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