News: Top Ten Announced For Funny Women Best Show 2017 Award

The top ten female-led shows in contention for the Funny Women Best Show 2017 have been revealed. The line-up is based on votes sent in - the quotes below come from the fans who nominated the shows.

The winner will be announced at the Funny Women charity gala final on Monday 12th March at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftsbury Avenue, London.  

Ada Campe and the Psychic Duck – Naomi Paxton

‘A brilliant blend of stage magic, audience participation and beautifully woven storytelling. Ada is an engaging, witty raconteur who never fails to keep you on the edge of your seat.’

Sagar Mega Drive – Fiona Sagar

‘Fiona is a fantastic comic – her character show was a laugh a minute. She portrayed multiple characters which highlighted the peccadillos we all have but also ridiculed the rich, sexist and ignorant.’

Girlfriend From Hell – Gabby Killick

‘Very physical, very animated and very theatrical, yet Gabby somehow manages to keep it accessible and relatable. An incredibly talented young female comedian!’

Strife in a Northern Town – Jennifer Banks

‘I was completely blown away by the performance and the writing. I have since been made aware that Jennifer produced and also directed. A great achievement in my opinion.’

Lady Muck – Lauren Pattison

‘A honest and heartwarming show that shares the heartache and joy of a woman coming of age and taking risks.  A real laugh and cry rollercoaster.’

Orwell That Ends Well – Lolly Jones

‘Lolly has created a show which is both insightful and truly funny – and all in her trademark schtick which she has honed and crafted throughout the years. This is her time.’

I Love Lou C – Lou Conran

‘A beautiful mix of heartbreak and hilarity. The perfect storytelling to tackle a difficult subject, the loss of a baby.’

Good Girl – Naomi Sheldon

‘Out of all the shows i saw in Edinburgh, this one resonated with me on all fronts, it was funny, emotive and left me thinking about it long after the show had finished.’

1 Woman, a High-Flyer and a Flat Bottom – Samantha Baines (pictured)

‘A hugely entertaining and informative show which celebrates life, women, people and science in equal measure.’

Annus Horriblis – The Flying Sirens

‘It was a hard week, just after the London Bridge attack, and it was hard to believe that we would find something to laugh about, but laugh we did. They were spot on as a double act. Enjoyed every minute.’


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