News: UK Tour For Bridget Christie

Multi-award winning and acclaimed comedian Bridget Christie is touring in 2018 with her new show What Now?

Brexit. Trump. Nuclear apocalypse. Environmental catastrophe. But let's be positive, at least Hugh Hefner is dead! Is rolling news affecting your ability to enjoy the simple things in life? Like baking, gardening and autoerotic asphyxiation? There has to be another way of living that is more enjoyable than this. But can Bridget find it? Her last show, the Brexit show Because You Demanded It sold out its 21-night Leicester Square Theatre run and subsequent tour. It was The Guardian's No 1 Comedy of 2016.

Her new BBC Radio 4 series, Bridget Christie's Utopia, will be recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre in January 2018 and broadcast on Wednesdays at 1830, from 7 February 2018. In 2013 Bridget won the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show with her show A Bic For Her. It was a total sell out in Edinburgh and became the top-selling comedy show at Soho Theatre ever, selling out every night of its 54-night run.

Buy tickets here.

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