News: New Toast of London Not Currently Being Written

Matt Berry is not currently writing new episodes of Toast of London, contrary to stories on the internet.

During an interview with Stewart Maconie and Mark Radcliffe on BBC6 Music on Friday Berry was asked if there would be any more of the Channel 4 sitcom about the dissolute, deluded actor and voiceover artiste Steven Toast. Berry said: " 'Yes, there will be." 

But after it was tweeted by website Chortle that he had revealed that he was writing new episodes Berry - whose Twitter handle is Porksmith* – posted his own tweet to make things more clear. "What I actually said was that Toast will return in some form at some point. Neither Arthur or myself are writing anything for it at the moment."

Berry writes Toast of London with Arthur Mathews. He was appearing on the music show to promote his latest album, Night Terrors. Buy it here.

Berry's next television appearance will probably be in the BBC's Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out, the reboot of Vic and Bob's original C4 series. A transmission date has not been confirmed but it was originally said that it would go out later this year. More info here.

*Named after an early character he conjured up called Jeffrey Porksmith.


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