News: Matt Berry To Star In Film With Nigel Planer And Music By Elbow

Matt Berry is the star of a new short film entitled Sleigh in which he plays the manager of a rock band.

It follows the story of a formerly successful band The Kindness, who are trying to record a Christmas song for their comeback single. It’s the height of summer, tempers are fraying and obnoxious lead singer Rob (Aidan Casey) and his dad Gerald, the officious Bishop (Nigel Planer), aren’t helping. So, with the aid of port, cheese and swearing, it’s up to long-suffering manager Martin (Matt Berry) to save the day.

The makers roped in real-life band Elbow to write the seasonal track specifically for the film, entitled Everybody's Coming Home (It's Christmas).

The film is directed by John Panton and co-written with Emmy Award winning writer David Quantick (Veep).

Jeremy Marshall did the artwork.

Sleigh will be released in December. Watch a trailer here.



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