News: Bill Burr Speaks Out About Louis CK – "Six Degrees Of Louis' Dick"

Comedian Bill Burr has made some controversial remarks about the Louis CK scandal, calling it a "witch-hunt".

Burr was speaking on his weekly Monday Morning podcast.

Discussing Louis CK Burr said that "He was 100% wrong but I feel bad for everybody. It's fucking terrible."

"I feel like I'm in a divorce where you know both the mum and the dad."

He became particularly irate when discussing the fallout from the scandal describing it as "six degrees of Louis' dick." 

The 49-year-old from Massachusets is managed by Dave Becky who was also Louis CK's manager until the story broke at the end of last week. "One of the great people I've ever met in life....I stand by my fucking manager," said Burr. "I love that guy. I'd still have him over my house for fucking dinner."

Burr felt that people were getting dragged into the story. "This is America. Do you remember due process? It's fucking insane." He jokingly wondered whether Louis CK's postman was going to become embroiled: "If you deliver his mail, you're part of the problem...he (Louis CK) was definitely wrong but does the punishment match the crime?"

As Burr got increasingly worked up he started to talk about other things that bothered him on the comedy circuit and suggested that male comedians have to put up with being harrassed by women. "It was never any of the young ones...couple of glasses of red wine...they come at you with their va va voom energy....I had a woman lick my neck one time."

He also went on to say that gay men crossed the line too. "I could do another half podcast on that one."

Burr offered this piece of advice to young male comics: "Cover your junk, that's all I'm going to say."

Listen to the full podcast here. He gets onto the subject around 14 minutes in.

Listen to Marc Maron on Louis CK here.

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