News: Mark Watson Has Some Bad Ideas

Mark Watson has come up with a new idea for this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And it's a bad one.

The premise of Mark Watson’s Festival Of Bad Ideas came about when Mark asked a range of top class comedians, ‘What is your bad idea? What show would you like to put on, but never dare?’

Now, one per night, they attempt these projects.

Shows (or sort-of-shows) that have never been seen before and maybe never be seen again, will be performed in front of audiences for the very first time. Some will be good. Some won’t. Nobody will know which way things are going, until the performance has come to life. 

To see the daily lineups as they are announced go here or follow @watsoncomedian on Twitter 

See Mark Watson’s Festival Of Bad Ideas at Pleasance: Beneath. 10.45pm from 15th – 27th August. Tickets here.


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