News: Date Revealed For Man Down's Return To C4

Greg Davies is set to return with his critically acclaimed sitcom Man Down for a fourth series.

Walking disaster-area and child-trapped-in-a-man's-body Dan (Davies) is locked in a soft-focus dream of his impending fatherhood. He has quit his much-hated job as a teacher and is applying his unique work ethic to another, more earthy profession. With Aunt Nesta (Stephanie Cole) and his mum (Gwyneth Powell) now in a retirement village “pissing my inheritance up a wall” Dan is on an increasingly desperate hunt find a new home for his soon-to-be family. Helped by his oldest friends, uptight financial advisor Brian (Mike Wozniak) and the irrepressibly bonkers serial-‘entrepreneur’ Jo (Roisin Conaty), can Dan finally grow up to become the man he hopes he can be…? Have you seen this show before?

Man Down will return to C4 on October 25 at 10pm.

Read a preview of episode one here.

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