News: Baddiel & Newman Reunited...Via Twitter

One time arena-filling double act superstars David Baddiel and Rob Newman had a public comedic exchange today for the first time in over two decades.

After fan Rachel Palmer quipped on Twitter that whenever she sees Robert Palmer she thinks there's a non-league football team missing a manager David Baddiel responded by saying: "That, of course, is a great @mrrobnewman joke of old. Akthough doesn't work quite so well now Robert Palmer's dead."

At this point Robert Newman, who does not contirbute to social media as much as his former partner, dryly chipped in too: "Yes, I should probably drop it from the set list, all things considered, only it helps me segue into Top Cat/Bilko/Basil Brush medley."

To which Baddiel replied: "First bit of public comic banter between me and for 24 years....

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